Creating commercially valuable assets from ideas through intellectual property and entrepreneurial activity is the number one way to impact the economy and improve the quality of life for citizens in any country. Patents and trademarks are the most highly valued intellectual property types – anyone can leverage the value if they know how to do it right. Strategic development requires answers, not just data, to inform investment and business decision-making. JiNan Glasgow George has built her career from engineering to patent law and investment by finding non-conventional approaches, streamlining the path, and creatively using resources to provide answers. She supports large companies and entrepreneurs alike in using intellectual property for creating economic value and sustainable development. She believes that everyone has the power to create – and her work globally has focused on transforming ideas into reality and creating positive commercial impact from them.

A Patent Attorney and former Patent Examiner with the US Patent & Trademark Office, JiNan is an IP practitioner with experience across a wide range of technology fields, serving clients in the US and internationally. She is a registered patent attorney with the North Carolina Bar and the USPTO; she is the founding partner of Neo IP (formerly Triangle Patents, PLLC) in Durham, NC, USA ( She has worked with clients doing business or investing in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, India, Jordan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya for strategic patent analysis and the development of intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, and copyrights for licensing and commercialization globally.

JiNan Glasgow George is the CEO and co-founder of Magic Number, Inc., a business intelligence SaaS company that provides insights for investors and executives, serial entrepreneurs and innovation-based companies – giving vision ahead of market data using patent data and machine learning (

She was founder & CEO of Neopatents, a patent research and analytics company that provided consulting services and software worldwide from the headquarters in Durham, North Carolina USA ( She is the inventor of patent claims diagramming innovations (Patent Matrix software) and the co-inventor of proprietary patent mapping tools for analyzing patents across all technology fields – and using visuals that help communicate complex information about patent sectors.

Since 2007, JiNan has been working to leverage patent information to stimulate and accelerate innovation, particularly in developing economies. She introduced the Patent Free Zone model – applicable in most developing countries to leverage the world’s most cutting edge research & technology for commercial acceleration of in-country development, while providing an unparalleled opportunity to innovate in ways that are impossible in the US, Europe, Japan, and even China or India. She spoke about IP & Government Policy and entrepreneurial innovation at the African Technology Conference 2008, held in Accra, Ghana in July 2008; she was an invited speaker at the International Healthcare Investment Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has worked to expand innovation impact in Mexico, Ghana, Jordan, & South Africa. She was keynote speaker at the 2d Annual Forum for Venture Capital in Mexico, held in Mexico City.

JiNan presented at a joint US/INDO Science and Technology Forum at the invitation of the US and Indian governments; she was invited to speak to a meeting of the directors of the national research labs of India’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Also, internationally, for over three years she participated with the United Nations/Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) Intellectual Property Advisory Group and High Level Task Force on IP, addressing technology applications, issues, and solutions relating to intellectual property, in particular relating to accelerating development and improving the quality of life for citizens in transitioning economies in Eastern Europe through innovation, patent protection & enforcement in the private sector and supported by government policy and global harmonization.

JiNan also founded the Eclipse IP Futures Conference in RTP/Raleigh-Durham, NC USA area – now in its 7th year. This invitation-only conference uniquely addresses the questions that entrepreneurs and investors have with patents as business assets, not simply legal issues. Patent strategy, competitive intelligence, valuation, and enforcement are key areas addressed by global experts in patents, technology & investment.

JiNan’s background includes software, mechanical & electrical engineering, energy, financial technology, polymer fiber science, biomedical devices, surgical/dental devices and applications, fiber optics, textiles, and pulp/paper science; her educational background includes degrees in engineering, law and theology from NC State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University, respectively.